Amazon Affiliate Earning Tips: Earn from product and link


Want to earn money through the Amazon Affiliate program?

It is very gentle to them who already have well established website or blog or good social networking. If you are newbie then don’t worry, they might have begun at the same stage where you are right now.

It will take time but by running slowly you also will get a good side income from the Amazon Affiliate program.

Online purchasing is common these days it is not new to anyone and Amazon is well known name among online retailers.

There are thousands of products which you can see required to be purchased. It is not like that you have to purchase. It is about the link of products which you have got from the Amazon and showcase on your blog or website; if anyone clicks on it and make purchases, you will get up to 10% of the purchased product.

It is very simple and the Amazon Affiliate program is legitimate not scam at least for them who got money from it.I have seen some of affiliates who earn 4-5 frames per month from the Amazon Affiliates.

Today we will cover the simple tip by which you can start earning from your blog or website right away. Before starting any step you must register the Amazon Affiliate program so that you could be able to use their products officially for promotion and get money in your pocket. You can join here


How to select product and Link?

After entering into the account; do not think about the "GET RICH QUICK". It is obvious because a great platform to perform, you can see a number of options to use for product promotion; keep patience we will pass away one by one to generate the actual result.

So, confuse in selecting the best product to advertise? What type of links will work on your site? How to improve your marketing? So here we go with simple process and information.

A successfully advertise products to your site's visitors enable your success in the Amazon Associates program. It is possible when you chose the products and links that you feel best match to your website contents. You can take time to for selecting products and links for promoting them on your website. Changes bring the ideas and thoughts, so keep changing your methods to observe what suits best for you.


How to select Best Products for your Web Site

Well, it should be match your site's content and the interest of your visitors. Let's say, if your site is about cooking recipes, you might want to promote the book Michael Symon's 5 in 5: 5 Fresh Ingredients + 5 Minutes = 120 Fantastic Dinners

Moreover, some of tips should keep in mind while selecting.

  • You can narrow your options by searching for particular products, keywords and categories. You will see the results in product line and now you can pick by other criteria observation like; sales rank or customer review. 
  • If you are featuring the best product on your site and it is generating pennies; you should go for increasing sales by mentioning about other relevant products. for eg. Along with recipes you can feature the kitchen appliances, specific ingredients or utensils. 
  • By using Amazon's similarities service you can search for additional products to publish and "Explore Similar Items" from the link. 
  • You can also get an idea about purchasing products from your site by the visitors. Simply go to "Reports" at and you might wish to upgrade some of the highlighted products directly. 
  • As much as possible try promoting products with a variety of prices, featuring a range of price will give you the chance to get higher commissions. 
Selecting the Best Links for your site?

The Build links section at makes it simple to apply a variety of links into your website.

  • Individual Item Links: You can make the size of the product image and color of the text and background according to your choice. 
  • Recommended Products Links: It allows you to show the products from one to nine ranges that suit the categories and keywords of choice. 
  • Search Box Links: By this your visitors can search the catalogue it will help people to encounter a variety of merchandise. 
  • Banner Links: These are images on the top, bottom and sides of your pages. You can use according to your content matches and certain topics. 
  • Text Links: It helps you to build links to any page on; like your product detail pages, product category pages even your homepage. 
  • Add to Cart Buttons: It provides your visitors to add products to their Shopping Cart automatically when they click on the buttons. They can go to the item's detail page through it and add them from there. You will receive the credits when your customers place the order. However it will take 90 days of the period to get credit. Click Here builds the cart button 
  • Quick Click Buying Links: If you want customers to add a product to their shopping cart for your website. You can build a pop up window which is called Quick-Click Buying Links. This will allow the visitors to make a purchase if they desire. 
  • Web Services: Construct your own specialized links, keep your site fresh with the latest product info and provide rich information. For eg. Read editorial and customer reviews at; see Web Services Performance Tips to learn more. Hope this will help you to promote Amazon product on your site and generate revenue.    do not forget to comment for improvement or suggestions.

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  • Do you have many friends? 
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Get Set & Go to Simple Money Making Guide


Here is a guide with simple steps to earn real money online. You cannot be rich in one night by this; but you will make real side income online by this.

Step one:

Create an account and get access in the system of money. All your information must be correct as it will require transferring amount into your account. click here!

Step Two:

Click Ads which are available into your account, clicking on ads will give you some money. But some money is not sufficient we have to increase that so you will have to click ads on a daily basis for maintaining your account live.

Step Three:

You must have friends on Facebook, Twitter and other social sites in fact your close friends who are seeking a way to make real money; you can refer some of them or all. It will make you hundreds of dollars. Remember more you refer more you earn.

Step Four:

Check your account it is increasing day by day if you have followed my instruction. You can discover many ways to get bucks with simple more steps once you create an account. These are simple steps which can be adopted by anyone. Thousands of people get daily access in this system and generating money online. 

If you want to earn more money with such system you can go with : 100% Earn Money without investment ideas

Do not underestimate yourself, just go to your account daily and perform the simplest tasks. That's how it is.
For any assistance please feel free to ask and share this guide to assist others in earning money online

Blogger Templates with Simple Design

Dear blogger users, this can be an ornament for your blog (blogger platform). Yes! You can give attire to your blog to look beautiful according to your wish. You may choose any from blogger wardrobe below showcasing first series with 10 templates. More to come with variety will suit your choice for blogger and WordPress platform.

 " Bloggerest: Demo & Download "

" Ajaxify: Demo & Download "

" Azsimple: Demo & Download "

Whitesmoke 1306: Demo & Download "

" The Tuts: Demo & Download "

" Timeline: Demo & Download "

" Covenant: Demo & Download "

" Rikka Takanashi: Demo & Download "

" Xmas Day: Demo & Download "

" Bj Blues: Demo & Download "

How To Merge Google+ Accounts

I have been told by someone that “Be lazy in your lifetime”. Sounds weird, right? Yes I thought so, when I heard this. 

Well, soon I came to know; it doesn’t mean to take everything in slow mode, it means to do things in a short time span with success and smartness so that you can face another challenging task to be completed next, next and next…. 

Everyone has its own choice and purpose of getting things done. I had made two reports on Google plus in past and both was having important circles; I wanted to combine both accounts so it could be handled in less time. It was my purpose of merging the accounts. In the end I reached my goal and started managing it, likewise there are many who want to find the way to get along. Therefore I have furnished the easy steps, which can be a positive sign for those who are facing trouble in it.

But taking any step towards account transfer, here are few Things to know before start:

  • Both account “source” and “destination should have the same name. 
  • There will have the limited functionality in both accounts on Google+ during transfer. Accounts will also not be able to; 
  • Add or remove people 
  • Content sharing on Google+ 
  • Ignore, deny or block people.
  • Transfers usually take 48 hours approximately. 

Once transfer done, you will not be able to use Google takeout with these accounts. After 6 months it will be possible to apply this tool again with these accounts. 

When you click the Transfer button:

  • There is a waiting period of 7 days after that transfer begins. 
  • If you want to cancel it before starting the transfer process, click “Cancel Transfer” at the tail end of the Google+ page while signing up. 
  • It cannot be scrubbed from the mobile app. 
  • Functionality will be limited on Google+ both accounts during the transfer. 
After completion of Transfer process.
  • Circles in the destination account with same names will be merged. Circles, ignores and blocks will be copied from the source to the destination account. 
  • Your destination account will be appearing in other people’s circles. 
  • Profile information, posts or comments will not transfer to the destination account, these will remain exists in your source account. 
Now go with each instruction one-by-one.
Login to Google Takeout with the source account.
Click as mentioned in picture.
Sign in by filling destination account.
Fill up the destination account details and sign in. 
Click transfer after verifying account details.
Your source account will get an email for your process.

So, its easy and quick process to merge two accounts of Google+
And off course, I did it because I really wanted to be a lazy :-)
Hope you enjoyed...
I'll come back with another topic soon.

12 Best Paid Survey Jobs without Investment


Here we again will familiar with popular sites which offers paid surveys. If you came across my site, you will not be disappointed, the contents you read hundred per cent experienced and reviewed before publishing. You will not think about wasting your time; go and sign up and let’s see the money result. 

It's a great way to earn a little extra money quick without sacrificing any of your free time. Completing the surveys for money is simple and the benefits are straightforward.

Companies rely on to give them accurate opinions of the products and services that they're trying to improve. That's where online surveys for money coming into play. 

Their online survey experience is designed to get the most detailed understanding of who you are and what you think in a process that's an efficient use of your time. Their surveys take an average of 15-20 minutes each and a reward is given for successful completion of each survey. 

The process is simple. Once you are a member, they ask you some simple demographic questions to begin finding paid online surveys that you may qualify for. In addition, they also pay you to take deeper profile surveys to get more information about who you are and what you are interested in. The more profiles you fill out, the more surveys for money they can provide for you to complete.

Join Now & Get $5 Sign up Bonus!

General Information
  • Accepts Members From: USA, Canada, UK, Belgium & International. 
  • Age Requirements: 18 
  • Type of Rewards: Points redeemable for cash. 
  • Sweepstakes, Prize Draws or Competitions: Monthly cash prize sweepstakes (up to $1000). 
  • What is the minimum payment threshold? This is the Amount Needed to Request Redemption or Payout: 5,000.

i-Say is a team effort. And an impressive one at that, they are looking for dedicated people with strong opinions. Strong enough to tell it like it is. Their main goal, the one they all share, is to make a difference. One survey at a time 

Join i-Say panel and be a part of the team. Create polls, take surveys, and give your unique thoughts on the products and services you use every day. You’ll earn more than just points for being a member of i-Say. 

General Information

  • Accepts Members From: USA, Canada, and UK. 
  • Age Requirements: 18 
  • Type of Rewards: Points redeemable for cash. 
Global Test Market is a market research company that has formed in order to offer both individual participants and their clients the most attractive package possible. They are looking to pay people for offering their opinions and influencing the development of products and services that you use every day.

Global Test Market will reward you for each survey that you complete, in the form of Market Points. Once you reach a total of 1000 points, you can cash them out for $50.

General Information 
  • Accepts Members From: USA, Canada, UK & International 
  • Age Requirements: 18 
  • Type of Rewards: Points redeemable for cash. 

Survey Spot is an online market research company that offers its members the opportunity to earn cash and prize rewards for participating in their surveys and polls. These surveys and polls are conducted to gain insight into consumer opinions to help companies’ to better serve current consumer desires. 

Your assistance in these surveys is considered to be very valuable, and therefore your participation will not go unrewarded. For each survey you participate in you could earn cash rewards, as well as entries into their Quarterly Sweepstakes Draw for $25,000; plus there is also the chance to win other prizes when you play their Instant Win Games. 

Some surveys even offer you points for completing a survey which can then be redeemed for cash via your PayPal account. Registration to become a member is easy and can be completed online within a minute by simply filling in and submitting your basic details. 

Once you’re a member you can then start taking surveys and accruing rewards. So if you’d like to have your opinions heard and earn rewards for them, register as a Survey Spot member today. 

General Information
  • Accepts Members From: United States 
  • Age Requirements: 18 
  • What is the minimum payment threshold? This is the Amount Needed to Request Redemption or Payout: $10 which is equivalent to 1000 points. 

My Survey is a market research organization that has recently established their MySurvey Consumer Panel. This online consumer panel is effectively a group of consumers from all over the world who have the ability to influence future products and services by volunteering to participate in a range of consumer research. 

According to the MySurvey website, consumer research is discovering what people like you want and need by asking for opinions about products and services through surveys and product testing. 

As a participant, you will be eligible for a number of rewards, including the chance to win a range of cash prizes in their regular sweepstakes and earn points that can be exchanged for cash. 

General Information 

  • Accepts Members From: United States 
  • Age Requirements: 18+ 
  • Type of Rewards: Cash payments via PayPal
  • What is the minimum payment threshold? This is the Amount Needed to Request Redemption or Payout: $30.00. 

MommyTalkSurveys are seeking mothers who are interested in providing their opinions on baby products and services, and in return they’ll pay you for these opinions. Even better still; they will credit your MommyTalkSurveys account with $5 USD just for joining! It’s the easiest way to share your opinions and earn rewards for doing so. 

To participate, all it takes is for you to register your details, as well as some basic information related to the products you buy, along with details about your lifestyle and activities. 

This allows you to be matched to appropriate surveys. Then when a survey that matches your profile does come up MommyTalkSurveys will alert you via email and post the survey to your MommyTalkSurveys dashboard. 

After that, it’s just a matter of completing the surveys to earn the rewards. Once you have accumulated $25, you can redeem it for rewards with MommytalkSurveys partners. 

So why not share your motherly wisdom and get paid for it too, with MommyTalkSurveys. 

General Information 
  • Accepts Members Of: International (All Countries) 
  • Age Requirements: 18+ 
  • What is the minimum payment threshold? This is the Amount Needed to Request Redemption or Payout: $25 

NPD Online Research is an online research community that offers a funky, comprehensive website for people willing to join their online market research panel. NPD Online Research offers a selection of surveys and polls, which can be completed for entries into their competitions and sweepstakes.

The rewards for participation are entries into their various draws and sweepstakes, which offer cash and prizes. They offer monthly prizes of between $100 and $5000, as well as other cash and prizes in their Sweep land competition.

Although NPD Online Research is based in the United States, entry into the surveys and sweepstakes is open to all panelists, regardless of geographic location, and all participants are eligible to win the prizes.

General Information 
  • Accepts Members From: United States, Canada, United Kingdom
  • Age Requirements: 13 
  • Sweepstakes, Prize Draws or Competitions: Monthly cash prize draws, ranging from $100 – $5000. 

Do you know that companies are paying top-dollar to have users like you try their products and services for free? At CashCrate, they pass that money on to you. 

Simply complete free offers and get paid without spending a dime! Most CashCrate members have the opportunity to make more than a thousand dollars by joining and participating in daily surveys, completing offers, referring friends and shopping online.

After you sign-up, you’ll be presented with a short message on how to complete offers along with a “fast-track”, which is a list offers which you should complete right away because they are high paying and require little time to finish. There are many other ways to get paid online.

General Information 
  • Accepts Members From: United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Australia and International 
  • Age Requirements: 13 and Older 
  • Type of Rewards: Cash 
  • Sweepstakes, Prize Draws or Competitions: Yes 
  • What is the minimum payment threshold? This is the Amount Needed to Request Redemption or Payout: $20.00 

Vindale Research is an internet research firm that specializes in online product and service evaluations. These evaluations are carried out by members of the Vindale Research Panel, to which you can become a member of for free. 

By simply registering your interest in doing paid surveys, you can participate in a range of research studies that include product evaluations, research studies, reward mail and deals.

Becoming a member of Vindale Research is a very rewarding one, you’ll get the opportunity to contribute your opinions and feedback to companies for valuable market research, as well as earn some extra income too. 

Register your details with Vindale Research today and start taking part in paid market research. 

General Information 
  • Accepts Members From: United States 
  • Age Requirements: 18+ 
  • Type of Rewards: Cash payments, plus if reviewing a product, members can keep the products they evaluate. 
  • What is the minimum payment threshold? This is the Amount Needed to Request Redemption or Payout: $50 USD 

Survey Savvy is a market research company that has been around since 1999, and they have since grown their online community to include consumers and business professionals in over 195 countries from around the world. 

These people have obviously learned that by participating in surveys such as the ones offered by Survey Savvy, you are able to earn a decent selection of rewards. What’s more, Survey Savvy will reward you for each family member and friend that you refer to their course of study.

Survey Savvy claims that they give back – up to an average of 20% of their company’s online revenue goes back to their online community in the form of incentives. 

They are looking to find out information about numerous different topics, from the cars you drive, to the food you eat, and to the technology that you use in your everyday life.

Once you have accumulated more than $1 USD in incentives, you can request payment 

General Information

  • Accepts Members From: International (All Countries) 
  • Age Requirements: 18 
  • Type of Rewards: Cash 
  • Sweepstakes, Prize Draws or Competitions: Monthly sweepstakes. 
Click here to join now for Free

Toluna is effectively an online market research organization that has created an online community devoted to giving people the chance to have their voices heard. 

They offer members of their website the chance to express themselves through the use of Toluna’s polls, reviews and studies. At the same time, you are able to see exactly what other people think if they choose to include their polls in their personal Toluna blog.
As a member, you will be eligible to take part in various surveys and product tests, and a fun aspect of the site allows you to create your own polls and opinion topics. 

Furthermore, every time you participate in any of the Toluna surveys and studies, you will accumulate points and could win up to $5,000 or £2,000 in their monthly draw. The points you earn can also be converted into cash rewards. 

General Information

  • Accepts Members From: United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, Germany, Singapore, Russia, India, New Zealand and International 
  • Type of Rewards: Points redeemable for rewards, cash, sweepstakes. (Varies depending on your state of residence). 
  • Sweepstakes, Prize Draws or Competitions: Monthly sweepstakes – prizes of up to $5,000 or £2,000 cash. 
  • What is the minimum payment threshold? This is the Amount Needed to Request Redemption or Payout: $20.00 or 60, 000 points (May vary depending on your state of residence). 

As a member of this market research panel, you will get one of their influencers  Through this panel you will be given a platform to share your views and thoughts on business issues that you experience, and on the products and services that you regularly use. 

Membership of this panel is free, and they ensure all potential participants that the information you provide them with will always remain confidential. 

As a member, you will also be rewarded each time you participate, and you will typically receive between $2 and $5 for every survey you complete. 

General Information
  • Accepts Members From: United States, United Kingdom, Australia and some International. 
  • Type of Rewards: Cash / vouchers. 
  • What is the minimum payment threshold? This is the Amount Needed to Request Redemption or Payout: $20.00 
Click here to join now for Free

So go to these sites and start earning right away with fun and increasing knowledge. I will return again with new informative topics and solutions. Till here then;

Cheers and have a nice day ahead.

My Dream!

Just think, without any dream how could be possible to accomplish anything in life! 
In which direction will we be getting? Almost got lost; this is what we believe.

There is no obligation to see dreams, but how many of us do fulfill it! How many dreams have you completed in your lifetime? and how many are still in the pipeline to be completed?

We make many dreams almost daily, and when we fail to complete it we blame to our destiny and used to say it was not in our destiny! (As per Indian belief)
I am also not apart from others, but I fight until I achieve success. If I fail, I try again but never give up. Although I see practically in every facet of my life, besides I love to see dreams.

This article is dedicated to everyone who loves to dream and keep the guts to finish. If I am not wrong; everyone almost all of us suffer the same kind of dreamlike; a good career,  love and marriage, a luxury life with decent earning, support to parents and most importantly satisfaction in life of course which comes from wish completion.

I would say passion should not end to complete your any dream. Do not feel bad when you lose the opportunity, just gather double passion and hit that with victory flag. I have learned many things from my failure and I have improved continuously since.
I want to help people chase their dream with my blog. You can say this is one of my dreams J

Hope to see your comments and dreams. For comment you can click left “com” button located below the date icon.

May God complete all your positive thought; Have a sweet dream!