Amazon Affiliate Earning Tips: Earn from product and link

Want to earn money through the Amazon Affiliate program?

It is very gentle to them who already have well established website or blog or good social networking. If you are newbie then don’t worry, they might have begun at the same stage where you are right now.

It will take time but by running slowly you also will get a good side income from the Amazon Affiliate program.

Online purchasing is common these days it is not new to anyone and Amazon is well known name among online retailers.

There are thousands of products which you can see required to be purchased. It is not like that you have to purchase. It is about the link of products which you have got from the Amazon and showcase on your blog or website; if anyone clicks on it and make purchases, you will get up to 10% of the purchased product.

It is very simple and the Amazon Affiliate program is legitimate not scam at least for them who got money from it.I have seen some of affiliates who earn 4-5 frames per month from the Amazon Affiliates.

Today we will cover the simple tip by which you can start earning from your blog or website right away. Before starting any step you must register the Amazon Affiliate program so that you could be able to use their products officially for promotion and get money in your pocket. You can join here


How to select product and Link?

After entering into the account; do not think about the "GET RICH QUICK". It is obvious because a great platform to perform, you can see a number of options to use for product promotion; keep patience we will pass away one by one to generate the actual result.

So, confuse in selecting the best product to advertise? What type of links will work on your site? How to improve your marketing? So here we go with simple process and information.

A successfully advertise products to your site's visitors enable your success in the Amazon Associates program. It is possible when you chose the products and links that you feel best match to your website contents. You can take time to for selecting products and links for promoting them on your website. Changes bring the ideas and thoughts, so keep changing your methods to observe what suits best for you.


How to select Best Products for your Web Site

Well, it should be match your site's content and the interest of your visitors. Let's say, if your site is about cooking recipes, you might want to promote the book Michael Symon's 5 in 5: 5 Fresh Ingredients + 5 Minutes = 120 Fantastic Dinners

Moreover, some of tips should keep in mind while selecting.

  • You can narrow your options by searching for particular products, keywords and categories. You will see the results in product line and now you can pick by other criteria observation like; sales rank or customer review. 
  • If you are featuring the best product on your site and it is generating pennies; you should go for increasing sales by mentioning about other relevant products. for eg. Along with recipes you can feature the kitchen appliances, specific ingredients or utensils. 
  • By using Amazon's similarities service you can search for additional products to publish and "Explore Similar Items" from the link. 
  • You can also get an idea about purchasing products from your site by the visitors. Simply go to "Reports" at and you might wish to upgrade some of the highlighted products directly. 
  • As much as possible try promoting products with a variety of prices, featuring a range of price will give you the chance to get higher commissions. 
Selecting the Best Links for your site?

The Build links section at makes it simple to apply a variety of links into your website.

  • Individual Item Links: You can make the size of the product image and color of the text and background according to your choice. 
  • Recommended Products Links: It allows you to show the products from one to nine ranges that suit the categories and keywords of choice. 
  • Search Box Links: By this your visitors can search the catalogue it will help people to encounter a variety of merchandise. 
  • Banner Links: These are images on the top, bottom and sides of your pages. You can use according to your content matches and certain topics. 
  • Text Links: It helps you to build links to any page on; like your product detail pages, product category pages even your homepage. 
  • Add to Cart Buttons: It provides your visitors to add products to their Shopping Cart automatically when they click on the buttons. They can go to the item's detail page through it and add them from there. You will receive the credits when your customers place the order. However it will take 90 days of the period to get credit. Click Here builds the cart button 
  • Quick Click Buying Links: If you want customers to add a product to their shopping cart for your website. You can build a pop up window which is called Quick-Click Buying Links. This will allow the visitors to make a purchase if they desire. 
  • Web Services: Construct your own specialized links, keep your site fresh with the latest product info and provide rich information. For eg. Read editorial and customer reviews at; see Web Services Performance Tips to learn more. Hope this will help you to promote Amazon product on your site and generate revenue.    do not forget to comment for improvement or suggestions.

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