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I was going through my street today and luckily met with my old buddy she is older than me in age; she is married and teaches in a private school. I asked about her health and wealth and she asked me to suggest any part time work which she can do in her spare time. She asked me about very easy jobs so that she can understand and do it properly.
She was worried about her Internet connection and wanted to disconnect due not much work over and heavy unnecessary bill amount.
I asked her to wait for a month at least; she will be able to pay her internet account without any burden along with a grin on her face.
I suggested some ways to earn money online by spending only 1-2 hrs daily.
Now back to you, I thought everybody who is spending time and dime for searching jobs online should get the output in revenue, so that they can pay their internet bill at least and more to spare. Therefore I am gonna write here about 10 incredible sites for easier jobs.
You can click in below furnished sites and earn money right away that too pay without any single cent.
Everyone who spends time on the internet for surfing can spend hardly few minutes and can collect the amount in their pocketbook. Again I must say here, although these are very basic and easy jobs but you will have to determine to earn money online.
Let’s set off one by one; 10 important sites for earning money
1. Micro Workers (Jobs for everyone)
Well, it is an innovative online platform for Employers and Workers from around the world, Employers pay and workers got paid at the time of task completion.
Jobs are very easy complete in a few minutes that is why it is called “micro jobs”. There are many categories and you can pick your job as per your choice, it will be included with;
“Simple sign-ups, social bookmarking tasks, website visits, forum participation, rating video or articles, adding comments, voting up contest entries, suggesting leads, writing reviews or articles, creating back links  downloading applications and much more that too with instructions”.
To join this site simply Click here 
2. Inbox Dollars
It is very simple to use, you will be getting $5 when you sign up and just do simple activities like you can;
“Play games, take surveys, search the web, shop online, and redeem grocery coupons and more”.
Simply sign up by Click here and start earning cash for your everyday online activities
3. Make Money by simple Hits
You are free to choose your tasks as a Mechanical Turk Worker and start earning in a few minutes.  You can take on any task with a hit and complete  within the time. Its extra features are;
  • You are free to choose your own working hours
  • You are free to work from anywhere
  • It's free to join
  • Do your best work and get paid.

Sign up here for free
4. mGinger ( Mobile jobs)
Get paid for reading SMS on your mobile. Accumulate Rs. 300 and receive a check, send free SMS to your friends and save on your mobile bill, Irresistible deals on branded products, free doorstep delivery across India, Download free mobile games. Play and have fun with your friends, in your locality on a variety of stains and save tons of money and on various events, deals and discounts in your city and neighborhood.
Sign up here for free
5. Neo Bux (Ad watching jobs)
This is one of the famous sites to earn money with its easy going programs;
  • Earn money from home
  • Guaranteed ads daily
  • Effortless income
  • Detailed statistics
  • A dedicated community activist
  • Upgrade opportunities
  • Ad prize
  • Offers

Sign up here for free
6. Paisa Live (Instant get paid on click)
This is a unique advertising platform that brings together the Advertisers and Members. Members are paid each time they check the advertiser's promotion and advertisers are able to send their message to the masses at a very low cost!
You need to log-in to your PaisaLive Account daily. For each unique log-in in 24 hours, they credit your account with a log-in incentive. Once you log-in, in your Inbox, you will receive promotions from their advertisers, based on your profile. 
Sign up here
7. View Best Ads (Get paid instantly)
It’s a simple but interesting concept, get rewards for zero investment and for no buying / selling of products; just see ads of your interest, read only positive news, participate in play quiz, HQC, HBNC, Number game, Nifty prediction arts and enhance your GK and IQ
The value of rewards is unbelievable because they have used the technique in which you are being rewarded even when others are seeing ads of their involvement.
Once you are registered and log in with your e-mail ID, software filters ads display which match with your profile like Age, Gender, Nationality etc. and Interests like Education, Bargain deals, Technology, Branded Products, Fashion etc, means you see only those ads which directly or indirectly add value to your knowledge, shopping etc.
For more details you can Sign up here
8. Instant Incentive & Get free Recharge
This is the web's smartest instant incentive marketing program that offers prepaid mobile recharge and movie tickets for free for doing what you already do online: buying flight tickets, registering on websites, shopping online, subscribing to matrimony or movie rental websites, applying for loan, insurance, credit card...etc. 
Simple tips to get recharge quickly;
For small recharge;
  • Log in daily and get up to 25 paise credits for daily log in.
  • Play Trivia Game and participate in build your vocabulary to get balance every day.
  • Participate in special offers that give free money credits instantly.
  • Play contests and win up to Rs/ 10 free recharge.

For more than small recharge;
  • Buy flight tickets or books or electronics.. etc through our merchant partners.
  • Create contests or upload funny pictures.
  • Read Bonus Mails that you pick up on your emailing registered mail id.
  • Redeem coupons and get a free recharge in addition to the discount.

For more details you can Sign up here
9. Mobile jobs through SMS
The company offers a unique and innovative platform to the users across India to send FREE SMS at lightning speed and rewards its users with FREE mobile recharge in return.
Benefits are included with this position;
  • Stay in touch through SMS. All this development at Zero Cost.
  • Every time you send a Free SMS. You Get Paid.
  • Invite your friends, double your earnings. Get FREE Mobile Recharge.
  • Exceptionally fast SMS delivery. Guaranteed.
  • Play Polls & Answer to amazing questions. Double Your Earnings.

For more details you can Sign up here
10. Get paid with Mobile Recharge
This is a gratification website with a ramification module that adds to the fun. Their users participate in games and get a free mobile recharge as a reward. 
  • Get free prepaid mobile recharge for your phone.
  • Get unlimited referral recharge.
  • Get points for playing games and redeem them for free mobile top up and recharge.

For more details you can Sign up here
Hope it was a helpful article and able to fill your instant requirement for money online. These sites are absolutely free to join and perform. So no need to hesitate to sign up. You will definitely enjoy while doing your chores.
These are the basic jobs, which can be done by anyone who is less familiar with the internet.
Thanks, if liked it you can refer to more people to facilitate them, do not forget to join my circle over social sites.
Have a wonderful day ahead!

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