How To Merge Google+ Accounts

I have been told by someone that “Be lazy in your lifetime”. Sounds weird, right? Yes I thought so, when I heard this. 

Well, soon I came to know; it doesn’t mean to take everything in slow mode, it means to do things in a short time span with success and smartness so that you can face another challenging task to be completed next, next and next…. 

Everyone has its own choice and purpose of getting things done. I had made two reports on Google plus in past and both was having important circles; I wanted to combine both accounts so it could be handled in less time. It was my purpose of merging the accounts. In the end I reached my goal and started managing it, likewise there are many who want to find the way to get along. Therefore I have furnished the easy steps, which can be a positive sign for those who are facing trouble in it.

But taking any step towards account transfer, here are few Things to know before start:

  • Both account “source” and “destination should have the same name. 
  • There will have the limited functionality in both accounts on Google+ during transfer. Accounts will also not be able to; 
  • Add or remove people 
  • Content sharing on Google+ 
  • Ignore, deny or block people.
  • Transfers usually take 48 hours approximately. 

Once transfer done, you will not be able to use Google takeout with these accounts. After 6 months it will be possible to apply this tool again with these accounts. 

When you click the Transfer button:

  • There is a waiting period of 7 days after that transfer begins. 
  • If you want to cancel it before starting the transfer process, click “Cancel Transfer” at the tail end of the Google+ page while signing up. 
  • It cannot be scrubbed from the mobile app. 
  • Functionality will be limited on Google+ both accounts during the transfer. 
After completion of Transfer process.
  • Circles in the destination account with same names will be merged. Circles, ignores and blocks will be copied from the source to the destination account. 
  • Your destination account will be appearing in other people’s circles. 
  • Profile information, posts or comments will not transfer to the destination account, these will remain exists in your source account. 
Now go with each instruction one-by-one.
Login to Google Takeout with the source account.
Click as mentioned in picture.
Sign in by filling destination account.
Fill up the destination account details and sign in. 
Click transfer after verifying account details.
Your source account will get an email for your process.

So, its easy and quick process to merge two accounts of Google+
And off course, I did it because I really wanted to be a lazy :-)
Hope you enjoyed...
I'll come back with another topic soon.

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